About simply begin


Simply Begin is a weekly, multimedia meditation for peace and sustainability.

Big Sur, CA, USA

Big Sur, CA, USA

It is an interactive process comprised of five simple parts:

1.) A photograph of Mother Nature doing what she does best —being inspirationally beautiful — allowing you to cultivate a positive, peaceful frame of mind.



2.) A short narrative — guiding you to create a peaceful feeling throughout your entire being and then providing an opportunity to send that peaceful feeling out to the world.

3.) A soulful song by a mindful musician — to sustain and heighten the feeling of peace and allow time for you to transmit it to the world with gratitude for the sustainable way of life we are co-creating together. (A fresh song by a different musician each week.)

4.) A second short narrative – guiding you to acknowledge the growing spirit of peace and sustainability in the world and to realize that in fact, this new and improved world is already here, continually manifesting in multiple and creative ways all around us.

5.) A new “feel-good” news item, article or poem each week featuring a situation, person or thing that is helping to transform the world into a more positive, peaceful, and sustainable place — to highlight the fact that, in spite of what we are often led to believe, the world is already changing for the better. In actuality, peace and sustainability are already vibrant forces in the world.  

Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, CA,USA.

Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, CA,USA.

Simply Begin, however, is more than pictures and sounds and words. It is a growing online community of real people who are awakening to the fact that we have the knowledge, the creativity and the collective power to create a peaceful, sustainable world. It's me. And it's you. It's all of us together. Simply beginning to remember who we truly are and why we are really here: to be joyful and grateful; to create peace; and to spread love — love for our planet and all living things that call her "Home."

My intention is that Simply Begin will allow you to create a feeling of personal peace; allow you to assist in the creation of a better world by giving you an opportunity to add your own personal contribution to the growing field of peace and sustainability; to financially support benevolent non-profit organizations that are already making the world a more positive, peaceful and sustainable place; instill you with a feeling of hope for the future; make you aware of positive changes that are already happening all around the world; and, ideally, inspire you to find creative ways to become an integral part of that change. 

Are you intrigued but still not quite clear on the concept? I think the best explanation is an example.

Hop over to the MEDITATION page to experience a Simply Begin meditation.